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Buck Hill Management Area is located in the North West corner of Rhode Island in Burrillville. It covers a total land area of 2,049 acres. The area is composed of primarily forest land, wetlands , and agricultural lands. The DFW maintains a wildlife marsh, which serves to attract waterfowl, furbearers such as muskrat, and other wetland dependent birds.  To find out more info

I wanted to create this page because I was concerned about the power plant that has been  proposed to be built nearby. It would impact this area that is full of thriving wildlife and plants. To learn more how you can help in the fight against the power plant visit Keep RI Beautiful.

This page is simply for Identification and Education. If you do start wild crafting (the gathering of plants and herbs in the wild) I would encourage you to do so on your own land or ask permission from owners. When I am on public land I am respectful to the fact this land is for everyone's enjoyment and education. This is preserved land. The only Wild Crafting I do there is with my Camera. Be respectful of where you are at. Be respectful to the Land, To the Plants and to those around you.

Never wild craft right off the road where levels of pollutants can be high. Never take from the first plant you see.  Always leave the Mother and Grandmother plants untouched to encourage more growth and to honor them. My rule of thumb is if I am harvesting from an area I never take enough so one will see a disturbance in that area.

If you have any questions please contact me.


Pictures from my 2016 hike with Aunty Linda