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Custom Made Brooms

Order your own Custom Broom

If you know what you are looking for in a broom but not finding it and  making your own broom is not for you consider a Custom Made Broom.

Choose a size

Faery Besoms-handle approx. 12ins or less. Narrow diameter $10

Staff Brooms-handle approx. 4-6 ft $45-50 depending with of handle

Medium Broom-handle approx. 2-4ft $35-$40 depending with of handle

Small Broom-handle 1-2 feet $25-$30 depending with of handle

Pick your Color of Twine

Add your extras


Ribbons-$5 as an extra

Woven with Ribbon -$10


Dried Herbs (depending on availability) -$8– $10

Only brooms totaling 36ins or less will be available for shipping.

S&H $15 to $20 depending location.

Contact Jenza for more information